Difference Between Dive Watches and Dive Computers

Before making your choice on equipment that you as a diver should have with you when diving, it is important to know the difference of dive watches and dive computers. In order to understand the importance of each of these products when diving, let’s compare and contrast them.

Dive Watches vs. Dive ComputersSo, what is a dive computer? A dive computer, in many cases called decompression meter or a personal decompression computer, is a special compact device that gives you information about your diving conditions all the time. It looks like a huge wrist watch that helps the diver to avoid decompression sickness, through measurement of time and dive depths, when the diver ascends back to the surface. It will provide information about conditions you faced or will face, so that you can organize a small rest when diving.

Similar equipment is essential for any diver who wants to assure that he/ she will have a safe and fun dive. A similar computer will provide you with critical information required to keep all the safety rules. An important question that all divers ask themselves is what computer they should buy considering dozens of models available on the market?

What are some important criteria to take into account when buying a dive computer?

  • Air integration – a computer with similar function will let you know how much air is left, based on your tank pressure and breathing rate.
  • Battery replacement – computers with a user replaceable battery can help you to be informed about the current situation any time (you can always replace the battery when diving) so you do not have to worry about inserted battery limitations.
  • Memory and downloading – if you dive very often and need to revise your information from each diving, a computer with bigger memory can help to avoid double work.

There are many other characteristics of computers, so in order to keep the diving safe you should choose a correct model for yourself based on the type and frequency of diving.

On the other hand a diver can make very good use of a diving watch. Of course, it is not as powerful and multi-functional as some dive computers, but it can serve you a lot. Depending on the dive type, you need to make a choice whether you need a diving watch or dive computer.

Generally, if you do not dive too deep there is no need for a dive computer. If you are ready to pay a high price for a diving watch, you can expect to get a product that is very multi-functional and can help you in when under the water.

The main advantage of a dive computer over the dive watch is that it can calculate for how long you can still stay under the water. Investing in a diving watch in some cases is the perfect solution, as it is water resistant up to 200 meters and even more, and you can save a lot of money.

Your choice between a diving watch and dive computer should be based on the level of expertise, frequency of diving, duration of diving and many other factors. There is a perfect solution for all divers; it’s just that they vary based on your level beginner vs. expert.

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