Seiko Shogun SBDC029 Review – Prospex 200M Automatic Titanium Diver Watch

Shogun SBDC029 Overview

There is a story that once 2 watches were talking to each other, one was of $100 and the other one was of $1000.

So the first watch asked the second one “You also show time and I also show time but your rate is more than 10 times of my rate. Why is it so?”

Then the second watch replied, “You just show the time but I show how the person’s time is.”

You are surely going to experience this story in real life once you buy Seiko’s Prospex SBDC029 hard Rex Men’s watch.

Seiko Shogun SBDC029 Review

Seiko earlier used to produce watches under the name of “Seikosha” which means “House of Exquisite Workmanship” and your first thought after seeing this watch is surely going to be “Seiko made this watch to justify its Meaning”.

Carrying this watch is surely going to be “A Journey in Time” Its black color dial with silver color stainless steel band makes it one of the best combinations you have ever seen.

Its analog, rounded display will force you to fall in love with it.

Why Should I buy Shogun SBDC029?

There is an ongoing trend in social networking sites that “Kids do this, Men do this and Legends do that” and this watch is for legends.

The look is designed such that it has both athletic and professional look. If we move towards technical aspects of this watch I think it doesn’t need to be defined as “Seiko” itself defines itself completely.

They are the leaders in chronograph watch market and they developed the first chronograph.

This is one of the best master class of Seiko as they have lifted their level in terms of technology but reduced in terms of weight.

This watch weighs just 4 Ounces, because of this feature, it is quite popular in young professionals.

Significance of ‘Seiko’

Seiko Shogun SBDC029 Review

But I think this watch has a disadvantage also that it is not for those people who are Horologist or simply saying love to collect watches.

All of your watches will be wasted once you buy this watch as you would never wear any other watch after purchasing this and that’s for sure.

It is quite robust in design and uses hardened titanium which makes it extra scratch resistant and can be worn daily.

Japan has been a global leader in giving the world new technology and this watch proves it again why they are the market leaders in this field.

Seiko has completely upgraded itself from the model of 2009 and looks completely refreshed in this model.

Now let’s discuss something technical about the Shogun Titanium Diver Watch

  • 23 jewels automatic diver’s with manual winding gives it a complete classical look and make it a mandatory part of any men’s collection.
  • It is waterproof which makes it part of you throughout the year in every season, whether you are in an office or on vacation.
  • It comes with great accuracy and based on various analyses it is found that it kept time less than 1 second fast in three days.
  • Its power reserve of 50 hours justifies its price.

My Experience with Seiko Shogun

Seiko Shogun SBDC029 ReviewI would like to share my experience with this watch when I ordered it from Amazon 1 year ago to gift it to my brother as he loves classical watches which are obviously loved by every Man.

I was very scared until the watch was delivered as its cost was $800 and when it was delivered I was totally amazed to see the watch.

Anyone can fall in love with this watch just by seeing its original packaging of titanium case with a scratch proof finish which makes it even more classical.

It also has an added advantage of having both bracelet and strap and the buyer can choose whatever he likes.

Important Aspects

When I gifted that watch to my brother he was like that it is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen and when he wore that he said it doesn’t even feel like he is wearing a watch because of its light weight.

From that day my brother has not even worn the watch he was gifted in his marriage.

Other features like its thickness of 13.33 mm and screw down crown are added advantage.

Its combination of titanium and stainless steel makes it rust as well as scratch resistant.

At last, I would add that there are many competitors in the market but the unique features and looks which Seiko Prospex SBDC029 watch offers can’t be compared to others and I would surely rate it 9 out of 10.

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