10 Tips How to Boost Dive Watch’s life

10 TipsThe majority of dive watches can be classified as a luxurious product due to their high price. Of course, if you are a diver this is essential equipment needed for your life safety. However, when the “life time” of your watch is over you plan to purchase a new one, making pretty pricey investment, while there are some tricks you can use to prolong the life of your dive watch and get greater value of money spent. So, here are 10 main tips that you can use in order to boost the life of your dive watch.

Tip #1:

Do not set your time when your watch is on your wrist. Always remove it and only afterwards change the time. When you pull the crown you will loosen the crown over the time. You will not notice it in the beginning, but after you do this for a few times (when the watch is on your wrist) you will see that the crown has been damaged.

Tip #2:

Try to avoid extremely hot places like sauna, when wearing your diving watch. The excessive heat can have very negative influence on your watch.

Tip #3:

Remove and clean your bands from time to time, no matter whether leather, metal or rubber. Be gentle; do not damage your watch. If your watch has a metal band it might be more appropriate to have it cleaned at a jewelry store where they have safe equipment for cleaning.

Tip #4:

Rinse your watch in fresh water, after diving in salty waters. This is what the most of manufacturers suggest as it protects your watch from corrosion. This is especially effective, when you leave the watch in fresh water for the night.

Tip #5:

Do not store your watch along with jewelry or other metallic objects. Try to put it in a soft cloth and keep in a box (if your watch comes up with a special case, keep your watch there, if not get a separate small box for it).

Tip #6:

If you do not wear the watch for some period, pull out the crown into position 3, this will help you to prolong the life of your watch, as the second hand will stop moving.

Tip #7:

Try avoiding leather bands. There are very limited leather bands that can stand up the moisture. Unless you get a watch with extremely high quality leather band, you might consider getting a watch with band made of other material, like rubber.

Tip #8:

In case your watch has a quickest feature – forget about it for several specific hours! You should not use you quickest feature from 8:00 p.m. till 4 a.m. This is one of the most common reasons why the watch can be damaged earlier than expected.

Tip #9:

Recharge your battery immediately after the first use. After this you will have to charge your battery at least once every 30 days, to be able to prolong the life of your watch.

Tip #10:

I left this blank for you people to scratch your head and find out the #10 for yourself and share it with us via sending us a message or leaving a comment on our Facebook or Twitter account.

Unfortunately, whatever you do the battery of your watch it will not be able to last forever, at some point it will diminish. However, keeping in mind these helpful tips and properly following manufacturer’s instructions can help you extend the life of your dive watch and its accessories.

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